Tímea Berkes PhD

Psychologist and Life Coach

Dear Visitor,

welcome to my website. I am Tímea Berkes PhD, a psychologist and life coach living and working in Budapest, Europe.

I work mainly in connection with two areas.

First, I offer counselling sessions to people who are in a difficult life situation, or who want to re-define themselves, make decisions and find their own way in life; or who need help with converting a failure experience into an opportunity to make their lives better. 

The second area is stress management, and health psychology counselling for ischeamic heart patients, including help with lifestyle change. This was my main research area when I worked at the university, and also the topic of my PhD dissertation.

You can read more about my services on my website, or you can contact me, if interested.

Thank you for the time you spend on my website.


In person: the therapy, Budapest, Stollár Béla u. 14/b.

I am also available for a consultation on Skype (or other online platforms).