Tímea Berkes PhD


Dear Visitor,

welcome to my website. I am Tímea Berkes PhD, a psychologist living and working in Budapest, Europe. My main research area has been the psychological background of cardiovascular diseases, mainly coronary artery disease, and also the psychology of lifestyle change.  I developed a 12-week programme for people who have either had coronary artery disease or have a high risk for this disease.

Also, I have a stress management programme which provides you with the necessary tools to handle stress in the right way.

And thirdly, I offer counselling session to people who want to re-define themselves, make decisions and find their own way. 

You can read more about my services on my website, or you can contact me, if interested.

Thank you for the time you spend on my website.


At the moment I am available for a consultation on Skype (or other online platforms).