My most important publications

The complete list of my publications can be found here.

PhD thesis

2014 The title of my PhD thesis in English is: Quality of Life and Certain Health Behaviours in Ischemic Heart Disease Patients Six Months after their Rehabilitation Programme. A Doctoral Thesis. The thesis was written in Hungarian. 

An E-book and Some Book Chapters

My latest work, published in 2022, is an e-book to promote self-care in ischaemic heart patients. It is available only in Hungarian at the moment.

I have written three book chapters in connection with cardiac patients. One, published in 2016 is in connection with the health behaviours and quality of life of cardiac patients after their rehabilitation. The other two chapters were published in 2012; one of them is about the psychological background of cardiovascular diseases, and the other about the prevention of these diseases.

Tímea Berkes PhD

I am a psychologist and a life coach with three main fields of interest.

One of them is counselling when someone is in a difficult situation and needs help to find a way out of their difficulties. I am especially interested in periods of identity clarification, and the role of failure in our progress in life. 

I also provide counselling for people with involuntary childlessness. You may also need a short counselling if it is your decision to remain childless (or childfree, if you prefer this term).

My other field of interest is health psychology, especially lifestyle change and improving quality of life both in healthy people and in people with cardiac diseases. My scientific work was focused on  heart patients; I can use this knowledge in my practical work.

I worked as a university lecturer and researcher in the Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University for ten years.

For a short time I worked as a psychologist at the Department of Clinical Psychology at Semmelweis Medical University, then I did smoking cessation counselling, and later I was a volunteer working with heart patients. 

My most important studies and qualifications

2020–2022 Life Coach (International Career Institute, UK)

2015 Academic Teaching Excellence. English as the Medium of Instruction - British Council, Budapest

2014 PhD (Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Psychology Doctoral School, Personality and Health Psychology Programme): https://doktori.hu/index.php?menuid=193&lang=HU&vid=12332

2010–2011 Counselling Psychology Training (ELTE, one finished year)

2010 Motivational interviewing training (with the instructors of Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)

2009 Smoking cessation counsellor (Centre for Healthy Hungary)

2008 Psychologist, health psychology specialisation (ELTE)

1995 History (József Attila University, Szeged)