My services

At the moment I am available on Skype (or other online platforms).

Lifestyle Change Counselling

If you want to change your present habits into healthier ones, I can help you overcome the difficulties. You can come either alone or with your family members.

It is also possible to ask for counselling as part of a workplace health promotion programme. 

Smoking cessation couselling

If you are thinking about quitting smoking, or you are not quite sure but want to talk about your doubts, or you just want to talk to any issues related to smoking, you can contact me. You can come alone or with your family members or colleagues.

Supportive counselling

If you are experiencing difficult times, and you need help, I am available online. 

Supporting chronic patients and their family members

If you or one of your family members have a chronic disease and you need help, you can find me. 

Supporting lifestyle change because of food intolerance

People with coeliac disease or lactose intolerance or other conditions need to change their eating and cooking habits and a lot of other things dramatically. If you need help in this situation, you can contact me.

Methodology counselling for students

I cannot write your thesis or dissertation, but I can help you write it.