Smoking cessation couselling

As you are visiting this page, either you or someone who is important for you might smoke. Smoking is one of the most common health-endangering habits. Smokers are normally aware of this risk; still it is not easy to stop this habit. Very often it is not the first attempt which is successful; still it is possible to do it.

You can contact me if

  • you want to quit smoking but you need help, support and encouragement during this process;

  • you want to quit smoking but you have had so many failures that you think you cannot do it;

  • you like smoking but you know that it is a harmful habit, and you do not know what to do with this contradiction;

  • you do not really want to quit smoking, but this habit of yours causes conflicts in the family, with friends or at work.

How long does this counselling programme take?

During the first consultation we will discuss your present thoughts and aims in connection with smoking. If you are ready to change, then I can recommend a counselling process consisting of six sessions and three follow-up sessions. If you are not ready (yet), it is completely all right. In this case it is only a one-session counselling.

So if you are ready to change, during the first session we will refine how it is possible for you to achieve this aim. On the following five sessions I will guide you through the change process. I will give you practical tips and support to guide you. As smoking cessation maintenance is crucial, there is a follow-up session one, three and six months after the last session.

The first three consultations last the usual consultation time (50 minutes). After this you can decide if you need the usual 50-minute session or the short (25-minute) consultation is enough for you. The follow-up consultations last 25 minutes, but they can be longer, if you need it. The consultations take place every week, if it is possible. The time between two sessions can be longer or shorter than a week if you want, but no more than three weeks can pass between two sessions. This relatively strict system is needed as it will hopefully help you with successfully changing your lifestyle.

The first interview may last two 50-minute sessions if it is necessary, and also you can have more consultations, if you feel you need this. This counselling aims at smoking and smoking cessation. If some other problems appear, either we can start a separate consultation about them or I can recommend a colleague who is an expert on the given field.

Very often it is easier to change if you are not alone but you start to change together with your family members or colleagues. You can come together, but the maximum number of participants is four, so that I can pay enough attention to everybody. In this case you can decide if you want to attend all the sessions together or you come only to the first session together, and the following sessions should be individual sessions. If you choose the latter, the counselling can be more personalised; if you prefer to come together, the group can enhance the process. At the moment both versions are possible online.

How can I cancel the consultation?

You can cancel the consultation 24 hours before its scheduled time. If you cancel it later, unfortunately you will have to pay for that session. But similarly, if I cancel the session within 24 hours then your next session is free of charge.

How much does this counselling cost?

Individual consultation:

In person:

a 50-minute consultation: 12,000 HUF

a 25-minute consultation: 8,000 HUF

An online consultation:

a 50-minute consultation: 11,000 HUF

a 25-minute consultation: 7,000 HUF

A consultation for more family members or colleagues (independently of the number of people, but maximum 4 persons):

a 50-minute consultation: 20,000 HUF

a 25-minute consultation: 15,000 HUF

These prices include VAT. During the coronavirus pandemic I offer 10% discount on online consultation fees.

If you want to organise a smoking cessation counselling programme for your colleagues, please contact me and we can discuss your exact demands.