Supporting lifestyle change because of food intolerance

A lot of people are shocked when it is revealed that somebody in the family has lactose intolerance or coeliac disease or some kind of food allergy. These conditions are very different from each other, but their common feature is that habits related to eating and cooking have to be changed overnight, and it is also important that there should not be any diet mistakes. This situtation might be especially difficult ifa small child is concerned, as it might be difficult to explain them that they can eat their favourite dishes or snacks no longer, or they cannot eat things other children can. There can be conflicts in the family, as e.g. in the case of coeliac disease extra care is needed to avoid gluten contamination, which means you have to pay attention to seemingly small things, and this is something people not involved might not understand. I know these difficulties not only as a psychologist dealing with health psychology, but as someone involved. If you need help in this change, or you experience conflicts because food generally available and common is not safe for you, you can contact me for a short consultation.

How long does this counselling programme take?

As long as you need it.

How can I cancel the consultation?

You can cancel the consultation 24 hours before its scheduled time. If you cancel it later, unfortunately you will have to pay for that session. But similarly, if I cancel the session within 24 hours then your next session is free of charge.

How much does this counselling cost?

Individual consultation:

In person:

a 50-minute consultation: 12,000 HUF

An online consultation:

a 50-minute consultation: 11,000 HUF

These prices include VAT. During the coronavirus pandemic I offer 10% discount on online consultation fees.