Supportive counselling

Everybody experiences difficult situations or periods in our lives when we feel we cannot cope with the difficulties alone, we need help. It can be the loss of a loved person, or a workplace, or anything important; or it can be a long-term or a sudden unexpected conflict, but any other situations can cause difficulties. If you feel you need help I can offer supportive counselling.

I am not a clinical psychologist so I cannot offer you a therapy. I can recommend a colleague, if needed.

How long does this counselling programme take?

As long as you need it.

How can I cancel the consultation?

You can cancel the consultation 24 hours before its scheduled time. If you cancel it later, unfortunately you will have to pay for that session. But similarly, if I cancel the session within 24 hours then your next session is free of charge.

How much does this counselling cost?

Individual consultation:

In person:

a 50-minute consultation: 12,000 HUF

An online consultation:

a 50-minute consultation: 11,000 HUF

These prices include VAT. During the coronavirus pandemic I offer 10% discount on online consultation fees.